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The mission of the Ohio Board of Nursing is “to actively safeguard the health of the public through the effective regulation of nursing care”

Ohio Board of Nursing

The Board of Nursing is the state agency in Ohio that regulates an APRN's practice and prescribing.  APRNs must comply with the law and related rules in order to maintain their licenses.  The law describes: 

  • Qualifications for licensure
  • Nursing titles that are allowed to be used 
  • Scope of practice (what the APRN is allowed to do)
  • Actions that can or will happen if the APRN does not follow the nursing law  

The Nurse Practice Act contains the statutory sections pertaining to APRNs and can be found in sections 4723.01, 4723.41 through 4723.50 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The rules regulating APRNs are found in chapters 4723-8 and 4723-9 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

The purpose of regulation is to offer some assurance to the public that the regulated individual is competent to provide certain services in a safe and effective manner.  APRN regulation provides a means by which these nurses who fail to comply with the profession's standards can be disciplined, including the revocation of their licenses.

Each APRN must attest (via the Board's online application) that he or she will maintain national certification.  Also, each CNP, CNM, and CNS must attest that he or she will practice in accordance with the Standard Care Arrangement (SCA) with one or more collaborating physicians or podiatrists. 

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