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Ohio APRNs

A Standard Care Arrangement (SCA) is a written, formal guide for planning and evaluating a patient's health care.  The SCA is developed by a collaborating physician (or podiatrist) and the CNP, CNM, or CNS.  The SCA must be in place prior to the CNP, CNM, or CNS beginning clinical practice and reviewed at a minimum every two years.  The employer is required to keep a copy of the most current SCA on file in accordance with 4723-8-04(D) of the Ohio Administrative Code.  The Ohio Board of Nursing does not need a copy of the SCA, but it must be immediately available, upon request from the Board.

Certain provisions must be included in the SCA, including quality assurance and those that address prescriptive practice.  Learn more about the provisions that must be included in the SCA as set forth in Chapter 4723-8-04 of the Ohio Administrative Code.


​Note: CRNAs are not required to have a Standard Care Arrangement.

What is a Standard Care Arrangement?